Mark Billingham's BLOODLINE

Raymond Garvey killed seven women before he was arrested, condemned and imprisoned. He died of a brain tumor while still in prison. Fifteen years later, someone is killing the children (now young adults) of Garvey’s victims.  The police force, with DI Tom Thorne as lead detective, must help find and protect the next potential targets while trying to identify and catch the killer.

I’ve finally got to the part of my reading pile where Mark Billingham's Bloodline had been waiting since sometime last year --it's the paperback format. The book was actually published in 2009, in the UK and Canada, but will be released in the US this coming July (with a different, gorgeous cover) by the recently launched imprint Mulholland Books

When DI Tom Thorne and his pregnant girlfriend, detective Louise Porter, learn that their unborn child is “not viable” as the doctor puts it, work is the only thing that can keep Thorne’s mind away from a conflicting range of sudden emotions, while giving him a semblance of normalcy. He just wasn’t expecting to get a case that would be far from the usual routine. It will take him instead into the twisted mind of a determined killer who is so confident and in control that he leaves his DNA at each crime scene along with slivers of X-Ray, like pieces of a telltale puzzle.