AMERICAN WOMAN by Robert POBI (review and giveaway)

Even though I really enjoyed Robert Pobi's Bloodman (aka Eye of the Storm) and Mannheim Rex, I wasn't sure I wanted -or needed, for that matter- to read a novel about a serial killer of kids. Fortunately, Pobi knows how to write and how to tell a story; he doesn't go for the melodramatic and he doesn't try to horrify with blood on every page. That's not saying you won't be troubled by the horrific murders -there are details on how the bodies were maimed and butchered- but Pobi doesn't dwell on them.

The focus is put on the search for the killer and on the many characters, especially the parents of the victims, but the most interesting one is Alexandra Hemingway, the NYPD detective who is leading the investigation. Unsure of how to react to the news of her (unplanned) pregnancy, 'Hem' is still trying to understand recent, dramatic events in her life and coping with the repercussions that have shaken her to the core. Plunging deeply into the darkness of a vicious killer won't help but we certainly understand her and why she finds it difficult to face her future as a mother. The eternal question "why should I bring a child into this violent world" can seem like a cliché (and it might be one) but when you deal with this violence on a day-to-day basis, as Hem does, the question definitely needs to be examined.

The chase for the serial killer will be exhausting for 'Hem' and the entire police department as well as for the reader. Pobi presents a vast and interesting cast of characters; you will come to know them well and understand their motivations. Many will even end up on your list of suspects. Be prepared to be shocked by the murders, but also by the ending of the book. One of the things I admire about Pobi is that he never goes for the easy resolution that will satisfy everyone; he seems to enjoy keeping the readers on their toes and leaving them with more questions than answers.

If you like edgy crime fiction that doesn't shy away from reality checks, Pobi is now a name to add to your list of essential reads.
I guarantee that you will at least be entertained.

Rating: 3 1/2 thumbprints

UPDATE, WINNERS ANNOUNCED:  Paul Levine of Scottsdale, Arizona; Mary Bouchard of Ottawa, Ontario; and Luke Thornton of Plattsburgh, New York. Congrats, and thank you to everyone who participated, your books are in the mail.

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