Renovations in our house (the real one) following a flood, in late May, are finally over. The paint is dry and my new office is half-functional. Which means that I can work on the computer, at a desk and sitting on a chair, but that there is a pile of boxes (full of books mostly) in the middle of the place. I've got two bookcases built up and filled with books, six or seven more to go.

I'm off today driving 10 hours to Cleveland (Ohio) for BoucherCon --my 2nd one after St.Louis last year-- and when I come back, the House (this one) will get busy. I've got reviews waiting to be posted, some long overdue, so I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, especially those I've told I'd review their book. I have been reading a lot less than usual during these last few months, not only because of the aftermath of the flood, but also due to a change of job, the death of a friend, the organisation of the QuébeCrime Writers Festival (in three weeks!), sickness in the family, etc. It goes without saying that I had even less time for writing. Let's say that my focus was on different things, and that I sometimes felt it was getting out of control. Fortunately, it didn't.

The car is packed, I've had coffee and breakfast so I'm leaving for BoucherCon. I hope I'll meet many of you there. I'll try to post updates during the week, but whether I can or not, I'll write about it next week.

à bientôt!

October 3rd, 2012

P.S.: I'm reading Attica Locke's THE CUTTING SEASON and it is a great book.



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  1. Have fun at Bouchercon, Jacques. Sorry I won't be there myself this year, but maybe we'll meet again some other time.