Simon & Schuster Canada is sending seven of its best authors on tour, this spring.

All events are free to attend, and, depending on the event, there'll be three or four authors present. The authors are Deryn Collier (Confined Space, Open Secrets), Craig Davidson (The Troop written as Nick Cutter, Rust and Bone, etc.), Jennifer Hillier (Creep, Freak, The Butcher), Robert Pobi (Eye of the Storm formerly Bloodman, Mannheim Rex, etc.), Andrew Pyper (The Demonologist, Lost Girls, The Killing Season, etc.), Sean Slater (Snakes and Ladders, The Guilty, etc.), and Brad Smith (Shoot the Dog, Crow's Landing, One-Eyed Jacks, etc.).

I'll be attending the event in Ottawa on Friday, March 21st, at 7 pm. The event will be hosted by author Peggy Blair (The Beggar's Opera, The Poisoned Pawn), and guests for that evening will be Robert Pobi, Craig Davidson/Nick Cutter, and Andrew Pyper. For the full list of events, a sweepstake, and more info about the authors and their books, visit The Dark Side website here.

As a bonus, you can also visit Grooveshark to listen to The Dark Side Tour playlist, as chosen by Deryn Collier (here), Craig Davidson (here), Jennifer Hillier (here), and Robert Pobi (here).


UPDATE: We have a winner and it is Marjorie Roy, of Woodstock (Ontario). Simon & Schuster Canada will send her the books. Thank you to everyone who participated and thanks for visiting. The last event of the tour was held last night in Waterloo (Ontario). From what I hear the tour was a success. Stay tuned for a new giveaway later today.      JF April 24th, 2014

Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada, one lucky visitor to The House of Crime & Mystery will receive a set of seven books: Collier's Confined Space, Cutter's The Troop, Hillier's Freak, Pobi's Eye of the Storm, Pyper's The Demonologist, Slater's The Guilty, and Smith's Shoot the Dog.
If you're interested to win these great books, send me your name and full address at This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only, and participants need to be 18 years or older.


Bonne chance!
I hope to meet some of you in Ottawa.

March 2014



  1. diana kirkwood17 March 2014 21:17

    the link to the giveaway does not work...

  2. Sorry about the inconvenience, I fixed the problem.
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the chance to win these books.

  4. I just received my books today, thank you so very much, I am thrilled to be winner.