In respect for the victims of terrorist attacks, in Paris, and the special events taking place in many countries, on Sunday, I have decided to delay my scheduled post. One of my brothers is a policeman, in France (in the Gendarmerie Mobile, a military branch of the French police), so I had an additional reason for staying glued to my TV these last few days.

Tomorrow, I will be back to post the final results of the House of Crime & Mystery's 3rd Annual Readers' Choice Awards. You've voted in huge numbers again and I really enjoyed going through all the ballots. There was at least one big surprise and some really close races in a few categories.

à demain (around 8 pm, Montréal Time)

12 January 2015


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  1. Je suis Charlie, aussi. My thoughts are with your family, and with the families of the victims Paris.
    Elaine Ash